Tokaj region


The glory of the thousand years old Tokaj viticulture is underlined by the fact, that no wine market may have a reputation in the world, without offering a selection of Tokaj wines. There is a proverb since the Middle Ages: the Tokaj wine is "the wine of the kings, the king of the wines" ("Vinum regnum - rex winorum").



The region is producing exclusively white wines. Its leading grape varieties are the Furmint, the Linden-leaf, end (in a less extent) the Muscat lunel. In the last years also Chardonnay has been involved into the cultivation, although it is forbidden to bring in at the market as "Tokaji".


The dry and sweet "Szamorodni"-wines, as well as the "Aszú"-wines are made by adding different quantities of noble rotten grapes. These wines are considered as those, which are possessing the highest concentration of alcohol, acidity and residual sugar among the wines of Hungary. The "Aszú-essence" and the "nectar" are delicate sorts of drink, whose residual sugar content is often reaching 50%.