Zalakaros thermal bath resort

Zalakaros is one of the smallest cities of Hungary and is situated at the Western border of the Little-Balaton in the tourist area of Zala County, 20 air kilometres from Lake Balaton. From the point of view of accessibility the nearby main roads, the Sármellék airport and the M7 highway that is currently under construction highlights the city’s positive location.


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The city’s reviving was established by the 96 Celsius degree thermal water rich in minerals that was discovered in the course of an oil prospecting drilling in the early 60s.
Following the opening of the thermal spa in 1965, within a few decades a modern bathing complex was built, holiday-resorts, hotels, and restaurants opened. Its waters became famous abroad as well, thus it was gradually improved due to the bath’s great number of visitors. In the last four decades almost 22 million visitors seeking healing have come here.



The medicinal water is sodium chloride and hydrogen-carbonate spring water which due to its iodide- and bromide-ion content can be ranged among the iodic-bromous, and due to its sulphide-ion content among the sulphurous medicinal waters. The metaboric acid content of the water is very high. The medicinal water contains radioactive elements only in a highly insignificant number.    

Gránit Gyógyfürdő Rt is the 6th biggest medicinal and fun bath and swimming pool in Hungary. I am sure that you will enjoy yourself in this small town lying at the foothills of carefully cultivated vineyards, an area which is free from any industrial activities. A place which offers the opportunity of healing and relaxing in the undisturbed nature. On the basis of medicinal and thermal water thanks to human passion for exploration we have been building and developing our bath in order to be able to fully meet our customers' demands. Our main aim is to become a "meeting point of generations", where we fulfil recreational and wellness-fitness expectations in the Thermal bath- Fun bath part using thermal water with valuable though not rated mineral content, besides we offer a wide variety of medical treatments based on medicinal water. In the beautiful surrounding park thermal pools from the medicinal sitting bath to the wave pools, with varied functions offer rest, relaxation and joy to the whole family.

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