Pécs 2010 – European Capital of Culture

Pécs was awarded

the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2010 by the European Union.

Beyond the concerts, exhibitions and fairs, Pécs is an amiable town of about 160 thousand inhabitants, that has stood in its present place, as the Gate to the Balkans, since Roman times.

Pécs is the seat and the largest city of the Transdanubian region  in Western Hungary;  a Catholic Episcopal seat and a university city that provides home to a large number of festivals year after year. Although it is at a distance of five hundred kilometres from the Adriatic Sea, numerous travel books describe Pécs as the Hungarian city with a touch of the Mediterranean. Pécs intends to identify itself with a world in which buoyancy and laughter are a part of everyday life, where people get together and spend a lot of time in public places into the night, where foreigners are happy to strike up a conversation with one another, and in which it seems like there are more holidays than anywhere else in Europe. 
Pécs is home to approximately 160,000 people, a city of knowledge and history. The local city centre, with its ancient Christian remains from the Roman years, was made a World Heritage Site in 2000 by UNESCO.


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