National gallop - Heroes square in Budapest

2nd - 4th OF JUNE 2010


• The Gallop is a celebration of Hungarian communities and traditions 

• The main purpose of this event is to revive the national tradition of horse riding, to enrich it with new meaning and to create a monumental cultural festival 
• The Gallop is a horse race that has a sense of history, building on Hungarian traditions, thus becoming a national cultural event that not only preserves traditions but at the same time creates new ones 

• On the other hand our competition call for entries offers great opportunities for all entrants 
• By selecting the right horse and rider every private person, municipality or organization stands a chance of winning the grand prize of HUF 30 million 



This event is FREE of charge !



In Hungary there are thousands of citizens, who keep the world-famous Hussar traditions alive, which is in fact part of the country’s history since the Hungarian Renaissance of the 16th century. Hussar tradition, thus, is a real “hungaricum”, that Hungary gave the world with great pride. National Gallop organizers believe, that this is a slice of Hungary well-worth to show the world, and it is time to re-think Hungarian traditions in a way that the rest of world would be keen to understand, get to know, and be part of this experience.