Vármúzeum - Events 2010

The fortress of Eger, now a protected historic monument, is the site of the István Dobó Castle Museum. Permanent exhibitions cover the history of the castle, the underground fortification system (Casemates), while another exhibits the medieval forms of punishment. Carvings from the destroyed cathedral can be seen in the lapidarium, while the marble sarcophagus of István Dobó, the heroic captain of the fortress during the 1552 siege, can be found in the Heroes Hall.

The Art Gallery, also hosted in the castle, has one of the finest art collections in Hungary with works by Dutch, Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian masters.

 There are also various programmes offered to visitors alongside the exhibitions to illustrate the historical traditions of the fortress.



Permanent exhibits:

The History of Eger Fortress

Eger Art Gallery

Casemates (Kazamata) - "Casa Armata"


Seasonal exhibits

Museum nights in Eger

June 20, 2010

Historical festival in Eger castle

15-25. July 2010

Champagne fireworks in the castle 

20. August 2010

Day of Eger castle

17. October 2010


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