„Bartók + Europa 2010” International Opera Festival, Miskolc

The programme of the „Bartók + Vienna 2009” International Opera Festival, Miskolc that soon will be nine years old will offer to the audience works of composers that are related to the city of Vienna, besides the traditional Bartók repertoire.




In addition to the compositions of the classical composers, Mozart, Beethoven, Richard Strauss and Schubert we pay special attention to present the works of Joseph Haydn. Miskolc joins the International Haydn Year 2009, with a selection from the cross section of his oeuvre, when the entire world commemorates the master of the First Viennese School, on the bicentennial anniversary of his death.

We also present not only the classic values but the 20th century Austrian music as well. This era will be foreshown through pieces of the Bartók contemporaries: Berg, Schönberg and Ullmann.

The programme of the 2009 festival pays extra attention to the young ones. We offer more tale and puppet performances, opera and classical music productions than usual to the next music-loving, opera-friendly generation, the children.

Several outstanding Eastern and Central European opera and ballet ensembles accepted our invitations. World famous artists contribute to our performances that are word-widely celebrated stars of the domestic and international opera and concert stages.

Music makes a town, OPERAMI!

Booking is open from 16th March 2009



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