77 km long Hungarian Sea

 77 km Hungarian Sea Nobody quite knows who first declared themselves in love with Lake Balaton.
Perhaps a poet, or a traveler, but it's a fact that from the start of the 19th Century onwards, more and more statements like this are recorded.
First in beautiful prose, then in newspaper articles, nowadays in virtually everyday speech.
For those who haven't been yet it is hard to understand the attraction to Lake Balaton.
If we want to educate them, then for every question there is an answer. 

Zalakaros is one of the smallest cities of Hungary

Zalakaros is one of the smallest cities of Hungary and is situated at the Western border of the Little-Balaton in the tourist area of Zala County, 20 air kilometres from Lake Balaton. From the point of view of accessibility the nearby main roads, the Sármellék airport and the M7 highway highlights the city’s positive location.

Zamárdi - The heart of Balaton

Zamárdi is located on the southern shore of Lake Balaton.
Its  unique attarctiveness is due to the several-kilometer long well-kept grass-covered free beach with modern sanitation, nevertheless the uniquely beautiful view of the Tihany penninsula.
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Passenger sailing on Lake started in the 19th century,

Passenger sailing on Lake started in the 19th century, on 21 September 1846. On this very day the first steamship, called Kisfaludy was launched. In the past 158 years our company has played a determining role in developing tourism around.

Our company is the largest sailing company in this region and its most well-known service is passenger sailing. Most of the passenger sailing traffic is done by 26 motor passenger ships.

The ferry service between Szántórév and Tihanyrév done by 4 ferries can be seen as a bridge linking the northern shore and the southern shore of the lake. Hundreds of thousands of people and vehicles use the ferry every year. We have 22 ports around the Lake Balaton.