Tisza lake

Lake Tisza region

The 127 Km2 extensived lake Tisza is the second larger coherent water-surface, but studying the given possibilities, we can look it as the first. Everybody can find his or her favourite occupation here, from the family, who wish to sunbath and swim, through the entusiastic fisher or hunter, to the fanatic ornitologists.
There is a bird-reservation at the north-west part with about 200 different bird-species, wich has European importance, so a real paradise of ornitologists.

Lake Tisza was born after the starting of the Tisza II. dam, wich was an artifical invention to the flow of the river Tisza. The aim of its creating was first of all to utilize the water, its using as tourist target was only a far dream. Lake Tisza is lake only in its name and in its sigh, in fact it is an artifical lake, delivered to the caprice of the river, and the human’s intervention.

One of the most beautiful parts of the lake is the bird reservation of Tiszafüred in the north-west. It is a real paradise for those, who are interested in ornitology. Almost the half of the estimated number of the 200 bird species arrive to the area to breed, 81 species pass through, and about 20 species spend the winter here.
It is important to call the attention for the strict protection of the bird’s life-area, wich has European importance, so these places require increased attention from the visitors.

 Source  www.tisza-to.hu